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Cote Noire

Cote Noire Diffuser Pink Champagne

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Cote Noire Diffuser Pink Champagne Cote Noire (150ml Gold) - Beauty Affairs 1 Cote Noire Diffuser Pink Champagne Cote Noire (150ml Gold) - Beauty Affairs 1 Cote Noire Diffuser Pink Champagne Cote Noire (150ml Gold) - Beauty Affairs 1
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Product Description

Introducing the Cote Noire Diffuser in Pink Champagne, a luxurious home fragrance designed to unwind, relax and uplift your senses. This exquisite diffuser is a perfect addition to your home décor, delivering a sophisticated scent that creates a perfect ambience and a subtle touch of elegance.

Taking inspiration from classic French perfumeries, the Cote Noire Diffuser is carefully crafted to offer the ultimate sensory experience. The beautiful fragrances of the Pink Champagne leave an enchanting aroma in any space, creating a serene atmosphere that radiates luxury. Soft and delicate, this scent has delightful floral and fruity notes, giving a refreshing feeling of effervescent bubbles and rose petals.

The Cote Noire Pink Champagne reed diffuser kit includes a stunning glass refillable bottle with six black reeds for optimal fragrance release. The fragrance oil is alcohol-free, ensuring a more prolonged scent diffusion for an exceptional long-lasting experience. This makes it a perfect addition to your home, office or bathroom, creating an indulgent and serene spa-like barrier from the outside world.

Product Highlights:

  • Long-lasting fragrance that’s perfect for any space
  • Safe, heat-free home fragrance
  • Fruity scent notes delight the senses

Usage & Ingredients

Directions of Use:

  1. Pick an open, spacious area away from objects or walls to allow proper air flow.
  2. Remove the bottle cap and replace it with the provided reed sticks.
  3. After 24 hours, flip the sticks to allow the side that was soaked in the oil to be exposed to air and vice versa. 
  4. This ensures the scent travels through the air and lasts longer.
  5. If you find the scent too strong, remove a few reed sticks. For a stronger scent, add more reed sticks.
  6. If the scent weakens over time, replace both the oil and reed sticks. 
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